Why Stop being Lazy is a terrible advice when creating


I hear many women saying, if only they were not so lazy, they would start that creative pursuit they dream of.

But perhaps it's not laziness that stops us creating.

Maybe it's habits. We do the same things every day. We think the same thoughts every day. Almost on autopilot.

Life is easier with habits. Especially when you have kids. Routines are good too.

It's going to take something new to break out of the habits and routines that is our lives.

Like a decision. Or an accountability partner.

And maybe it's not laziness, but that you simply don't know what to do next.

How are you meant to know what to do, if you have never done something before?

Do you actually know anyone who's lazy today? I don't think I do.

We do so much all the time, that when we finally sit down to relax, or take a break, it's not being lazy - it's taking a freekin' break! And that's ok.

It's more than ok actually, it's good for you.

Why stop being lazy is a terrible advice when creating

The creative process works in cycles, just like life.

Sometimes its full speed ahead, other times, it's climbing slowly uphill, and sometimes, the best thing to do is to take a break and do something else entirely.

Stop being lazy is a terrible advice when creating because:

  • Sometimes the smartest thing to do, is to take a break from what you're doing, and let your subconscious do some work.

  • Sometimes you need to get still and listen to your intuition and to your body

  • Sometimes new inspiration comes from doing something else

  • If you're a perfectionist, it's a great practice for you to step away, even when you don't want to.

  • If you're too wrapped up in your own ego and are lost in details, the smartest move is to stop and step away.

How long to step away for?

That depends on what your life looks like and what you're creating.

Anything from five minutes to days could be what you need. You know best.

It's just not helpful to call yourself lazy, if you're not constantly in action.

It 's much better for you to take a kind approach and accept you need a break - without feeling guilty.

I know, I know. Easier said than done, when those to-do lists are getting longer.

But slaving away kills joy.

Is procrastinating always bad?

No, it isn't. It gets a bad rep, but actually, there's often a very good reason you procrastinate.

I'm personally a top procrastinator. And I get the biggest joy and satisfaction when I manage to finish what I'm doing, despite my best procrastinating efforts :-)

I get that "I did it!" - feeling, that small win.

It builds confidence. And self-respect.

It's gonna happen. It's not the same as being lazy.

What will get you creating is this:

Do a really small thing toward that thing you want to create.

Like this:

You want to write...........

Buy a cheap notebook and decorate it nicely.


Write down ideas about what you want to write about in a notebook you already have. Brain dump.

You want to paint................

See if you have some kind of paint already, watercolors or whatever, and find some paper and then leave it handy - where you can see it.

Paint for 5 minutes, just before dinner.

Doing something really small, just for fun, and just for the heck of it, is the best way to get started on that creative project that you are curious about.

Stop being lazy is a terrible advice when creating, because chances are, laziness is not why you're not creating.

It's mote likely resistance, not knowing where to begin, or too high expectations.

But try just with one really small, and fun step to just get started.

You owe it to yourself. Try it. What can happen?