Why looking for what you want in life is an inside job

looking for what you want in life

You can stop looking for what you want in life. Your life is meaningful simply by you being here. Today. Right now.

You're ok. And you are doing great!

We are quick to look for meaning and purpose somewhere else. Out there. We don't know where, but we look.

I certainly have.  Since I was 14 years old, and I dreamed of leaving Denmark to find my life somewhere else. Actually, I have always looked both looked within myself and looked outside of myself for meaning and purpose. Sometimes there has been more looking outside than inside, and when I look back, that is when things have gone wrong.

So, I understand why we look for meaning and meaning. Is it in this job? Or that job? Or that job? The list goes on.....

There are people who know early on what they want in life. But for many of us, what we want changes. It changes with experience, age, family structure, and it changes with the society and culture we live in..

Instead of looking for what you want in life, do this:

Be patient.

Be who you want to be.

Know that you can change the way you think. And therefore, what you do.

Honestly, this has been the biggest revelation to me. I always thought I was my thoughts. Becoming aware of the thoughts I have, and then being able to think different thoughts, has been a totally woo-woo thing to me

But now, it makes so much sense. As it's still a new concept to me, I haven't practiced a lot, but I see the potential.

You can change the way you think about someone or something. And then the reaction you get back changes too. It's amazing. I just recently did this with a teacher of mine. I found him really personal, and not very good. So I got to work on my thoughts and feelings about him.

I managed to convince myself that he was actually a really interesting teacher and that I could learn lots from him. This meant I went in with a positive energy the next time we had him. And it changed our relationship. I have no problem with him now. It works.

Have you tried manifesting?

When I look back on my life, I know for sure the Law of Attraction works. It's real.

The times when I have been crystal clear and determined on getting something, like a specific job, I have gotten it.

Most of my life, I haven't had a clear plan. Being multi-passionate, I have had many plans and tried many things. Often it has felt like walking around in a fog. But occasionally the fog lifts, and a clear path emerges. And when that happens, I go all in.

Maybe you can relate?

I have 2 manifestations now.

  1. I want to work 4 days a week in the nursery, when I get back to work from this training I'm on now.

  2. "Create for Purpose" is going to be my online workshop for women, who wants to dig under the hood about who they are, why they are where they are at (thoughts, beliefs, habits, stories), and how they want their future to look

And then I work on feeling how badly I want it, and feeling how it feels to have it already.

Instead of looking for what you want in life outside of yourself, turn the spyglass to your insides.  Who are you? Are you embracing all that you are? Also the darker sides? Especially those. Work on that.

And then be patient.


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