The joy of small steps - and how to break them way down

the joy of small steps and how to break them down

Let me tell you about the fantastic effects of using small steps to your approach in life.

The joy of small steps, there are many.

But first, confession time:

When I hear someone in the online business and marketing world say things like "Take Massive Action NOW!" I feel completely turned off, and it makes me shut them down.

When I hear successful business people tell me to take action now, most of the time, it stresses me.

'Cause what if I can't take action now? And what if I don't know how to take action and where to begin?

Does that mean I'm not going to get the result you promise?

Now, I am actually a real "action-fied" person, as I believe most of us creative multi-passionates are. We keep following those ideas and interests, don't we?

We are kinda known for "doing".

But there is another, and more gentle way to work, to go for your dream, and get some creative on.

And that's to just take one small step, just do one little thing that you think is fun and that will get you a little closer to where you want to go.

Just one tiny step toward your loveliness.

The joy of small steps

When you reduce your world to one small task right now, things look up.

When you try to do anything creative, you're in for an emotional ride. We know this.

You create as you do because you feel as you do.

And you think as you do because you feel as you do.

So your feelings are at the center of your creativity. And this is an emotional ride with all kinds of hoops, and ups and downs.

Overwhelm, and fear, and resistance. 

You might be familiar with these fellas?

I certainly am.

They come up when we do something new when our mind is in a spin about all the things we have to, and how good they have to be, and how good they need to look. And how all those things have to happen NOW.

But if you just have to do 1 sit up, get your paint out, or think of a headline to the next blog post, then you can do it.

And then chances are, you probably will.

When we think of small steps, because of our tendency to over-achieve, we usually don't make the steps small enough. And that's when they don't work for us.

Why small steps are genius.

First, you decide on what you want to do.

Let's say you want to write.

You love writing, you might have ambitions of writing a book, or a blog post, or in a journal.

But for some reason, you don't do it.

Why is it we don't do what our heart and soul, what that inner voice is wanting us to do?


Because it's difficult. It's bloody hard work to have to look inside and look at our insecurities, and our imperfections head on. And embrace them.

And even use them as creative fuel.

Are you kidding?

Of course, it's going to make us resist.

Our amygdala (fight and flight) in our brain is literally going "Argh! Exposing your inner world? I don't think so"

So small steps are genius because they tip-toe around the amygdala without waking it up, and reach the frontal cortex, where creativity and action are in our brain.

Sneaky, right?

How to make a small step small enough.

You know your step is small enough when you think "I can easily do that".

That's the feeling you're going for.

If you feel any resistance, see if you can make it even smaller.

Ok, back to the writing situation.

You want to write.

What (usually) doesn't work, is saying to yourself that you want to write every day. Or an hour 3 days a week. Or that you're going to get up an hour earlier every day to write.

What could be a small step in this situation, is committing to sitting down at the computer and open a new page for 5 minutes during the next week. (Or pick up a pen and paper, if that's how you write).

Just 5 minutes a week. That's it.

You are only committing to sitting down with the intention to write for 5 minutes in a whole week of 7 days. And it can be 2 minutes one day, and 3 minutes another. However way you like it.

But wait..

Before you say,

"I'm never going to write a book, if I only sit at the computer 5 minutes a week, and not even write",

you have to know, that the point of taking consistent small steps, is that it gets you started.

You might decide to keep writing when the 5 minutes are up. But you don't have to.

Knowing that you only have to spend 5 minutes being ready to write, is the joy of small steps.

It's almost like a tease. A thrill. Something you can look forward to.

You don't even have to write, just be ready to write.

There's no pressure at all.

How does that make you feel?

I invite you to give it a try. We want you to "expose your inner world" and not let that amygdala be the boss of you.

Now, this is just an example of a small step. It might not be the best small step for you.

It works for me, but we are all beautifully different, so you can adapt it to how it would work for you.

Ok, I would LOVE to know if this particular small step works for you, or if you use a different one, what it is and how it worked.

Please come back and leave a comment below, or tweet it to me. I'll love to hear if using the method of kaizen small steps, makes your creative resistance a little less.

Have fun trying :-)