This is where joy hides. (Must Watch)

This is where joy hides (must watch)

If I could sum my life's mission into one word, it would be joy. This is where joy hides for me: in creativity and my family and friends.

For me, there is joy in getting lost in the creative process, in being with my hubby and kids, in being alone with my notebooks and computer getting lost in "my creative and spiritual world", and many other things.

Creativity = joy, for me. And I know all the rest of goes with creating, but creativity leads to joy. Personal joy.

Without knowing it, this is what always has been my North Star. Being multi-passionate, I have had many different jobs in 3 different countries.

I have to feel a sense of joy in my life, often. Not every moment of every day, but often. Otherwise, I'm moving on.

This is where joy hides

There's joy in color. I know this. We know this. So why do hospitals and offices, and new builds so completely lack color? Why?

I have asked many people this, and the only one I got an answer from is this architect I know which I wrote about in this post.

So I LOVED finding this TED Talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee.

She explains things that give us joy and where to find them.

And the difference between joy and happiness. Joy is on the here and now, happiness is a long-term thing.

But Ingrid explains it better.

Please watch these 13 minutes.

If you look at the pictures on her slide and notice all the colors. They are the colors of my blog graphics. And pretty much also the colors of my paintings.

I love bright colors. They bring me joy. And as Ingrid has found, bright colors bring us joy across age, culture, education, sexuality etc.

Joy hides here

Bright colors are universally joyful.

Round things

Symmetrical Shapes

A sense of abundance and multiplicity

A feeling of lightness and elevation.

Aesthetics means: I feel I sense, I perceive.

Joy begins with the senses

I know this to be true deep in my heart, but I have had a difficult time communicating it.

We use our senses when we create. Our inner feelings and senses get to work, not just our head.

Please watch this video and get inspired.

It's crazy shit that schools, hospitals, prisons, old people's homes, offices are grey and white.

Share this post, and share this TED Talk to create a more colorful and thereby more joyful world.