This simple shift in your To-Do list will make it more effective

this simple shift in your to-do list will make it more effective.png

Do you use to-do lists? I have a trick which is a simple shift in your to-do list will make it more effective.

If you're anything like me (mom, multi-passionate, working, doing creative work) you do. I have so many things in my head, that if I don't write them down, they don't get done. Because I don't remember them ;-)
I love crossing out when I have done something on my to-do list. It makes me feel good.

But there is also something bossy about a to-do list. Like it's telling you what to do. And if there is one thing us creatives don't like, it's someone telling us what to do.


So we can create this love/hate relationship with the never endng lists of things to do.

But there's a different way.

This simple shift your to-do list will make it more effective

Re-frame your list from "to-to" to "I-get-to"

So instead of writing to-do at the top of your lists, you simply write "I-get-to".

There's a shift in energy that happens when we go from something we have to do to something we are lucky we get to do.

The energy shifts from heavy to light.

And to make your new I-get-to list even more enjoyable, make sure you write fun things on it. 

It could be listening to music, watching an episode of your favorite NetFlix show or go mad on Pinterest for 1 hour. Whatever tickles your fancy.

I work 29 hours+ a week, I have 3 kids, a hubby, and a rabbit, and if I don't add my creative work (everything involved with this blog and creating ecourses) to a calendar and I-get-to list, it doesn't get done.

For me, using this simple trick of re-framing my list has made a big difference.

I'm all about adding more joy to life, so I truly hope this simple shift to your to-do list will make it more effective. And more enjoyable.