How to find time to be creative (without stress)

find time to be creative

I don't know what your life looks like, but I can share with you how I find time to create in my life, being a working mom with 3 kids, aged 8 to 12.

Life gets pretty busy. And although we all have the same 24 hours, how much times we have for ourselves is not the same.

Maybe you've heard people compare your 24 hours to those of  Oprah and Beyoncé, but let's be real, Oprah doesn't have children, and Beyoncé has a lot of help.

For us normal people, trying to find time to create and work on our passions, often has to fit into a life with a job and children. And no help.

In a time where women do everything, and of course we do, we also are in danger of expecting everything we do to be perfect. Job, home, looks, clothing, kids, relationship, sex, body, friends, holidays, cars, family, it all has to be better than ordinary. Because who wants to be ordinary in today's social media world?

But something has to give.

And it's often our unrealistic expectations. If you follow my blog, you'll hear me say this again, and again. And as a recovering perfectionist, I am only too familiar with this "concept" :-)

It's funny, isn't it?

The very things that gives us joy, a sense of freedom and individuality, and balance in our lives, is almost always the first thing we let go of, when life is busy.

Well, my creative friend, I'm here to invite you to change that.

But I'm not going to tell you how, or give you good tips.

I'm simply going to share with you, how I find time to be creative.

This is how I find time to be creative:

I make time!

Any time I can grab. In the morning after I send the kids to school and I have a late start at work, if I finish early from work, in the evening, on weekends. I don't watch much telly, I write instead. Or do other ME-related work.

If you're a mom, you know this; you're on call 24/7. Spending a little time on myself, creating, is what keeps me (half) sane. Some people might do pampering, this is my kind of pampering.

It's not something I have to do, it's something I want to do.

It also helps create a balance in my life.

5 minutes here and there, maybe half an hour, a few hours sometimes. It all adds up.

It's definitely a choice I make. I make time. Because I'm a mom of 3 kids and the one who knows where everything is in the house, I make myself accessible to my family, they can come to me for anything. Sometimes I send them away, but most of the time, I stop what I'm doing and listen.

Forget about high expectations of sitting down every day at the same time and shutting yourself off from the world. Take small steps and enjoy the process of your stolen moments. It all adds up.

The last thing we need is more guilt or stress about a goal not being met.

Enjoy your stolen moments. They all add up :-D

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