'Tis the season to be creative


You've done great this year. It's time to allow your soul to find some rest. And it's the perfect season to be creative.

Maybe you celebrate christmas, maybe you don't. But because of christmas and Hanukkah, there is an increased focus on giving and celebrating.

This is creative living. And we need your creativity.

Just like for a lot of other people, this time of year is about reflection for me. And I create new hopes for the new year. I don't do new years resolutions, but I do have goals I'd like to achieve, and then I concentrate on the process. It's all about the process of taking small steps to get me closer to my dreams. This is my focus.

I do a vision board. 

Looking at my vision board daily reminds me to stay on track. And it's super fun to make.

Making a vision board is also a creative act. It makes you think deeply about what you actually want. And when you activate your subconscious, you open up to new creative solutions and actions.

How you can make it a season to be creative

A really good way to make it a season to be creative, is to let your soul get some rest. Chill. Take some pressure off yourself. You have been through a whole year, probably full of challenges and highs. And hopefully with joy, play and pauses.

Creativity thrives in stillness.

Being an efficient person, I try to fill every minute of every day. If I have 10 minutes to spare, I find something I can do, which, in my head, will save me time later on. That has its plus side, of course. But it does mean I have to practice being still. Doing nothing. Leaving the dishes, and the clothes, and the mess.

Taking a nap is my stillness. I LOVE me some kip. Only thing is, I'm asleep. So I don't create. But it is important for me as highly sensitive to shut off my senses when I've been overloaded. It restores balance in me.

Here's a No 1 tip to be creative this time of year:

Get some rest and be still!

If you are in efficiency mode like me, and letting your soul get some rest is a challenge, maybe try to ask yourself this question:

"What does soul rest look like for me?"

And don't worry if you don't know the answer right away. Just ask yourself the question a few times a day, and the answer will eventually pop to the surface.

Gentleness and kindness is key.

What does soul rest look like for you_ What makes you go "ahhh". Just gently notice how your body reacts. There's your clue.

It is important to rest your soul, so you can turn down for some of the everyday noise and listen to that voice deep in you. That voice that tells you what you're meant to be doing.

Because the things is:

We need your creativity!

We need you to use your creativity to make things. Paint a picture on paper. Create new space in your house. Write a 2-line rime on a napkin.

This is how we make positive changes. One by one. One small creative act after another. Tapping into that special place in us is good for our health, emotions and general well-being. And when we feel good, it spreads like rings in water and affects the people around us.

'Tis the season to be creative. Listen to your soul, be still and rest. :-D

I wish you a wonderful creative Holiday