Trust Your Life's Process - Here's why

trust-your-life's story

You've heard that before, right? Trust your process.

What process you ask?

It's any process. A creative process, any process of change, and mostly your life's process.
You life is the biggest process. It's one long process of learning, falling, loving, growing, moving, being, trying.

We live in a world of instant. TV, internet, social media. It's instant. We want instant, we expect instant results. We need that Dopamine fix we get from "likes".

So trusting a process is the rebels choice. It's the difficult choice because process takes time.

The opposite of trusting the process, is controlling the process.

I love control personally. I spend a lot of time trying to control various processes. Control and knowing in advance what's going to happen is important to me. But it's not so good and I am practicing trust. When I manage to be like "ok, it's just part of the deal", I feel more at peace. Trusting gives me a feeling of "it's going to be ok".

Control is used when we don't trust the process.

Which is bad news for me, and a lot of other people who have it the same way.

Here's why you want to trust your process

  1. First of all, that's what life is; a process. You gotta have a little faith in your life. I don't mean religion, but faith that you are here, and here for a reason, and that that's ok.

  2. Second, So many people worry about finding meaning and purpose in life, and those things are not an end station. You don't arrive at a purpose-stop one day, and everything is wonderful after that. Trust that you're working toward all you're looking for.

  3. You just can't be miserable and frustrated over things not being how you want them. Learn, adapt, work, try to trust.

Here are some examples on trust:

You want to start a business, and it's not going to plan. You can't seem to figure out how to get customers, and the people you do get to sign up to your email list, don't buy anything.

Instead of getting all down on yourself, and quit because apparently, you can't run a business. Knowing failing is part of the process of starting and running a business, makes it easier to trust, that you learn some valuable lessons in your process of being a business owner.


I'm worried about my 14-year-old teenage son's behaviour..............

We have to trust HIS process of developing from child to adult. And trust the work my husband and I have done is going to help him along. (Totally not easy to do)

The difference between trusting a person and trusting a process

Trusting a person is something that takes time. A person has to earn our trust.

That's a one-to-one relationship.

A process is more about change. Any change.

The Children's Nursery I work in part-time, is having an extension build, as we're adding 24 children and 6 staff to our place. That whole change is going to be a process. And it's a process that is going to be exiting, difficult, and long. I will gain 6 new colleagues I have to get to know and trust, but the overall situation is a process.

Choose how your process looks

You can choose how you want you process to look.

It's a definite decision you must make.

You can choose a sense of lightness, joy, silliness, calm, wonder and/or openness.

Or you can choose judgment, impatience, pressure and result-driven hurry.

It is a truth that you have the power to decide whether you want a joy-filled life process, where you trust yourself and the Universe, or you can decide to only focus on slaving away for some results. Remember not making a decision is also a choice. :-D