What to do with unfinished projects for multi-passionates


Do you know what a gift it is to have many ideas?

If you are one of those lucky creative thinkers, one of those multi-passionate people, and you have ideas coming out of you, left, right and center, consider yourself lucky.

Write them down.

Share them.

Celebrate your brain.


I understand how sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep when your busy brain is buzzing, and difficult when you're being pulled in all directions by ideas for things you want to try.

But bloomin' heck, do you know fortunate you are to have such a creative brain?

The trick is how you capture them, which ones you get curious about, and which ones will pass through you and move on to someone else.

So what, if you start a lot of projects and don't finish them all? There are trial and error. It's always good to be sensible about money, and with that in mind, the process of trying different things is priceless. That's where you gain multi-skills.

I wrote a little post about how multi passions lead to multi skills here.

And if it's other people you're worried about, when you start yet another project, don't tell them!

What to do with unfinished projects for multi-passionates (and others)

Ok, here are 3 things I would suggest you can do:

  1. Leave them alone and forget about them

  2. Leave the project for a while, and trust that you'll get back to it when you're ready

  3. Write down an action plan in your diary/calendar and get to work on it. Work on it and give it the attention it deserves.

But really...

It doesn't matter if you have one idea or a 100.

You must try and make at least one idea come to life.

Do something.

The reason behind this quite straightforward post is that I think we sometimes over think things. And that stops us throwing ourselves into something we fancy trying.

Don't over think. Don't listen to all the chitter-chatter in your head (or around you) and don't waste time worrying. Just try out your ideas. Start projects. Some will work, some won't. That's ok. The discoveries you'll make in the process are golden.

I'm cheering you on.