A (Different) View On Being Creative

different view on being creative

I don't know if I take a different view on being creative than most other people.

I think of being creative, and creativity as personal growth. Being creative for me is not about being an artist, or making art. Being creative is a mindset, a way of living my life.

It's how I get to know myself, it's how I  learn about who I am, and most importantly, being creative, for me, is how I make sense of my life.

You might call that purpose, I think a lot of people would call it that. Maybe they're right.

Because your life's purpose is not something you sit around waiting for is going to happen to you. We must all grab life by the cahoonas, so to speak. Pull way back from "out there" (social media, media, blogs, news, etc) and spend time with nothing but ourselves.

It's harmful for me when I get caught up in what I'm meant to be doing.

  • How to write the perfect blog post

  • How to create the perfect blog graphic.

  • Or how often I should be on social media.

Argh! It destroys my creativity. I hate it. And yet I get caught in that cycle constantly. Maybe you can relate?

My view on being creative is this:

It's for my own sake. I create because I love it, and I get cranky and frustrated if I don't.

I love how my fingers fly over the keyboard when I write and I love how I am able to get thoughts on paper and screen. It amazes and delights me. Even if it's complete rubbish I write.

My life s a journey, a creative journey. I don't agree with Austin Kleon who says in this great talk that creating for him is like Groundhog Day. I only agree partly with that. But I am definitely also on a creative journey, with all its ups and downs.

So I don't create to be famous or have a title.

How to find your passion (one of them)

Ask yourself self this question:

What would you do every day for the rest of your life, if you never got paid a penny for it?

Find the answer to that question and do that. Start there.

And then enjoy the journey (or Groundhog day) :-)