How to answer "what do you do" as multi-passionate

how to answer what do you do

The question "what do you do" is dreaded by probably most multi-passionate people.

Imagine this scenario:

You meet someone you don't know particularly well and you stop for a quick chat:

Someone: "Hey Sarah, so what are you up to these days"

You: "You know, I am multi-passionate so I am lucky to have different

passions that I pursue. At the moment I am working part-time as

a  ____________ and in my spare time I blog/have a website where
I write about __________/sell ___________ and I'm loving it. How about you?"

Someone: "??? Hang on! What is multi-passionate??"

You: "Well it's a type of personality and in short it means that I love learning new things
and skills, so I pursue different passions that has meaning to me.  I'm doing
this _________ now and I'm loving what I'm learning.
Basically, I live with passion. I'm lucky. How about you? What are you up to?"

Someone: "But you can't keep changing jobs. You'll never get anywhere.
Is it not just an excuse for not having to settle down like the rest of us?"

You: "As I said, it's not an excuse but a type of personality. And I am very happy with
where I am going. Are you?"

Someone: "Yes, I am doing this and that and we have done this and that and bla bla bla....."

You: "That sounds great. I so happy for you. Anyway, I'll see you later. Good to see you, take care."

This is a good conversation.

But let's be honest.

I haven't had conversations like this one until recently.

It's always been "hmm, well yes, hmm, I'm traveling, eh, working as a manager, eh, I'm not sure yet"
And feeling stupid, not together and clever like others.

Well, no more.

I am practicing my "What do you do?" answer so I can deliver it instantly and with confidence.

And it's working!

You have to own what you do and say it with pride. It takes practice.

This plays an important part of us getting to the day where we just shrug our shoulders at the mention of someone being multi-passionate.

Much like "he plays football, she is an extrovert, they are going to the cinema tonight, she is multi-passionate"

You know, no big deal and we all know what we're talking about.

If you feel unsure about what it actually is you do or maybe you know what you do but you think other people might not get it, then write it down and practice saying it.

You might think that sounds like a weird thing to do and a bit extreme but I tell you, it works.

You can practice confidence.

(It's the same reason affirmations work)

We'll get there - together :)