What does a creative business look like?

what does a creative business look like?

Yes, what does a creative business look like?

And how does the website to an online creative business look like?

These are questions I'm letting my subconscious work on for me at the moment.

And it starts by throwing all rules about what other people say or do, out the window.

I know I'm not alone in trying to figure this out.

OMG, Lots of creative entrepreneurs struggle with this.

What colors should I use?

Because I'm a creative type, should my website be all colorful and artsy?

For me, my website is literally the never-ending project. I cannot tell you the number of times I've changed the color scheme alone.

It changes, as I grow, learn, change, and get clearer about my writing, and message.

What does a creative business look like?

Of course, I don't have the answer to that. But I have some suggestions to what it could look like.

It could look like you want it to.

It could change, often.



Possibly involve original ideas.

Maybe have one product for sale, or it could have several.

It could be on one topic, or it could be on more.

It could be a narrow niche or it could not be based on one niche. (a Controversial statement that).

A creative business is not just about art, or creating subjects. It's more about the culture and the attitude of the person(s) who run it.

Everything is changing so quickly, and as much as it's important to try to keep up to date with what's going on, it's also pretty impossible to. So if you spend your time and energy catching up, you're missing out on getting your hands dirty and making mistakes in your business = experience.

How do you want your creative business to look?

Part-time or full-time?

Online or brick and mortar?

One to one connection to your customer?

Digital product, or products, for customers to download.

Coaching, mentoring, teaching?

When I started my first business, which was an online vintage clothes shop, I just dived in. I had no idea. In my typical way, I thought, how hard can this online-ting be?

Goodness me, was I wrong?

I made just about every mistake in the book, and it cost me a lot of money, but I learned so, so much.

I also didn't know anyone who had an online business. That would have been handy. To have someone telling me, I didn't have to spend all that money on an online shop system as I did. Especially a system where I couldn't change a single thing, without the expensive designer charged me, and took forever to do the work. I was so ripped off.

It was a lesson learned, alright.

My hope is, that this post somehow reaches you before you make the mistakes I did.

My dear fellow creative business dreamer, a creative business get started, small and "crappy", with lots of mistakes (and changing website colors). A creative business is changing, fun, difficult, frustrating, authentic, and YOURS!