What happens when you lose passion for your passion?

when you lose passions for your passion

Dear fellow creative woman, you know this one, right?

Loosing passion for your passion? Only to become passionate about something else.
It's what we do, us multi-passionates.
As hummingbirds, we go from flower to flower, we bring nectar from flower to flower. Liz Gilbert has used this metaphor and I think it's beautiful.
Sometimes we stay passionate about the same thing(s) for years, and then change to another.
Other times we we have several passions or interests going at the same time.
We sometimes go deep while other times we just skim the surface.
That's how we roll.

So what happens when you loose passion for your passion?

It can go 2 ways:

You can feel bad because "yet again" something you tried didn't work out.


You can feel good because, yes, yet again, you have learned something that gave you joy, and at some stage, you get to learn something else that'll give you joy.
You have taken what you needed from that stage in your life, and now you're evolving. It's a good thing.
If you are unsure whether you're letting go of your passion for the right reason(s), I've made a small checklist for you.

It's always a good idea to check in with yourself. :-)

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you let go of your passion

  1. Inner motivation comes in waves, or cycles. That's a natural part of the process. Ups and downs.
    Sometimes the best thing you can for yourself, is to take a break. Take a step back. Leave it for a while.
    Other times, doing the work, even though it doesn't feel much fun, is the best way forward.
    So take a break for a while, then see if you want to continue.

  2. Are you comparing yourself to others?
    Comparison is one of the biggest joy killers. Are you jumping ship because you think you can't be as good as others?

  3. Are you overwhelmed by the amount you need to learn to make a career of it?
    This is one of my big stop blocks. With everything going on in my overly busy brain, the image of having to climb a mountain as well, is overwhelming.
    Taking really small steps - one at a time - is the way through overwhelm. A small step that only takes 5 minutes. Break. Repeat.

Are you now ready to let go?

If you have gone through these 3 questions and have checked in with yourself and decided it's time to saddle a new horse, then fair play to you!

Let go! Be free. Settle into the knowledge that it's the right decision for you.

Move forward and don't look back. No guilt. No feeling like a flake.

Do a little happy dance.

IF on the other hand, you say yes the questions above, it might just be that you need a break and then try a way gentler and smaller approach to what you want to do.

Here's the thing:

You musn't beat yourself up for being who you are. Embrace it.

From my own experience and from the experience of many other women I have spoken to, the hardest critic about how I live my life comes from me. My inner critic.

It's ok to lose passion for your passion.

What's not so good, is to beat yourself up about it. But if you beat yourself up, please don't beat yourself up about beating yourself up.

Be kind to yourself.

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