This is what it is like being multipassionate


This is what it is like being multipassionate:

I was at a talk on Monday at our new and fancy library in town.

It was for work and the headline was: "Diagnosis or Upbringing" and it was held by Danish neuroscientist Ann E. Knudsen.

As it was for work - I work in a children's nursery - I was with my colleagues.

The talk was pretty much about the brain and where the different things are situated in the brain. Not so much about whether a child's behavior is due to a diagnosis or to their upbringing. A little, but Ann talked a lot about the brain. There was also major microphone problems which took up a lot of time, so she had to skip the end of her talk.


Here's what it is like being multipassionate and how I react differently from my colleagues:

They left the talk thinking they didn't get much out of it.

I left thinking "maybe I should study neuroscience!"

Can you relate?

Everyone else was thinking "how does this relate to me?".

I was thinking "wow, that's really interesting. I'd love to know more about our brain".

A new opening for learning? Perhaps a new interest? A new rabbit hole? New possibilities?

That is the busy "monkey brain" of a polymath.

High flying, away in deep thoughts of new heights of possibilities.

But I think I'll stick to the 11 months of college I'm doing in 3 weeks time. Neuroscience will have to wait to another time.