What makes a good business?

I'm having a hard time with business at the moment. With business in general.
Like, what makes a good business? Where are the really good businesses?

And why are still so many of them run by idiotic bullies who drive employees to stress in order to earn big bucks. Or are stuck in ancient old thinking patterns that drive people to drink.

How can we create a change in business?

I'm interested in how we change that. How can I help change that? And how can I help you change that?

It's questions like:

  • What can I do to help change people's perception of what is normal?

  • How can I best help other multi-passionate women get strong, confident, peaceful and inspired in their own search for their element(s)?

  • How can I help in a way that works?

We need people who genuinely want to help other people.

This is what makes a good business (I believe):

  • Your business is all about your psychology.
    Not whether you have the money or not.

  • Your business is about making someone else's life better
    Not just your own

  • Your business is about whether you think you will succeed.
    Not whether your laptop has an apple on it or not.

  • Your business is about your attitude when problems arise.
    Not whether you follow the 'right' blogs.

  • You business is about being creative.
    Not following in someone else's footsteps.

  • Your business is about constant problem solving and finding.
    Not about pleasing everybody.

  • Your business is about doing the work.
    Not about waiting for clarity to magically appear.

  • Your business is about getting back up when you fall
    Not about making excuses for yourself.

  • Your business is about making enough money so you can give some back
    Not just to finance a walk-in closet.

Tony Robbins says: "Business is 80% psychology and 20% skill"

That's FANTASTIC news.

It means that the success of your business and mine is almost all in our heads.

This is so fascinating to me.

That is why there is no one business model you can copy that will guarantee your success. You cannot model the exact way someone else is doing business and expect the same result.

You can do you, and do training to learn the systems, and get to know the tools you need to run your business.

And you can start doing that today.