What's the solution (for multi-passionates)?


I get asked this question a lot.

I get asked this question by people who are not MP's (multi-passionates)

Not many people here in Denmark know what being multi-passionate is. I haven't met any, anyway. So I get to explain what I write about regularly.

A quick version could go something like this:

"it's a type of personality, just like being intro- or extrovert. We have multi passions and interests we want to pursue and it's a challenge for us to choose between them. We are usually highly creative thinkers who are driven by curiosity"

Then this question comes promptly:

"So what's the solution?"

I understand our need for solutions and answers. And even quick fixes. We want someone to give us the right answers to our problems. That way we don't have to think for ourselves , which is difficult and takes too long. And we have Facebook updates to deal with ;-)

Ok, I'm taking the mickey here a bit, but only a little bit.

But the answer to the question is this:

There is not only one solution.

There is more than one solution.

That is the point.

That is what it means being multi-passionate.

We are not meant to do or be just one thing. And honestly, in todays world, that is an important way to approach life.

The solution, for those who need a solution, is that there is more than one solution.


Part of my life mission is to re-program the way we think about solutions.

I personally love solutions and answers, I'm an activator (source: "Now discover your strengths"), so I love finding solutions and I'm quite good at it.

But there is not just one right solution. And it's dangerous to think there is.

I'll give you this example:

Society is based on you having to decide what you want to be at the age of around 15-17 (here in Denmark anyway). So you have to know what you want to 'be' at a very young age.

You go to school and move on to further education after which you get a job. Bam! You're sorted! You're normal, you're successful, you have the solution to your life. Right?


Life is not one size fits all and it's madness to have a society that is build that way.

Luckily that's all changing.

Not many people stay in one career these days, so now we just need to educate ourselves, each other and get our education systems to adjust to that fact.

One solution could be to create more options for shorter studies with loads more combinations to choose from. So you tailor suit your own studies.

Want to study law and cake decorating at the same time? No problem.....


You have to find your own solution. And it will most definitely be different from the person next to you. And that's ok. That's exactly how it should be.

But it means you have to think for yourself and do some work.

It's well worth it!  :-)