You are the new Authority

you are the new authority

These days you have to be your own authority.

You can no longer hand your life over to someone else (partner, boss, bank, online experts etc) and expect them to know what's best for you.

You have to find out for yourself.

I think for many multi passionate women this is a double-edged sword.

We are naturally inclined to be our own authority because we don't fit into a "normal" linear life, yet a lot of us (only) look for authorities outside of ourselves for guidance.

What does it mean being your own personal authority?

  • It means trusting in yourself.

  • And putting a life together where the ingredients are made up of what's important to you.

  • Saying no and setting boundaries.

  • It means prioritizing who you hang around with.

  • And having an opinion and not being afraid of voicing it.

  • And it means making mistakes, being so scared you shake in your boots, but still continuing bravely on your very own path, knowing you are ok.

My definition of the new authority:

She listens to herself first and sets boundaries with a kind spirit.

She takes responsibility for her life, never stops educating herself and stays true to what's important to her.

How do you become your own authority?

A good place to start is to sit down and write in a journal what feelings and qualities are important to you.

This can be for you and for the people you spend your time with.

Then go from there.

Small steps will lead to big changes.