Why you can't fail at creativity

you can't fail at creativity

You can't fail at creativity.
You cannot actually fail at being creative.

Doesn't that just make you want to let out a big sigh of relief ?

"Creating adds value to your life, even in the tiniest way"

That is one of the most wonderful things about it.

The result of what you're trying to create can work or not work according to your intention. But creating in itself, can never be wrong.

It seems to me that this is where we get all muddled up.

We focus too much on the result we have to create. Not the act of getting there.

We're taught this focus as kids. Especially in school.
I see this with my own kids, it's about getting the homework done, not about effort or how to get there.
They are judged on the result.

For me, before I trained as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I had no, or very little, knowledge of the creative process.

The fact that creative chaos - it's when you hit the wall - is part of the creating process, was an eye-opener for me.
I now know that I was part of the 80% that quit when hitting creative chaos in some of my earlier creative adventures.

To know that whatever creative act I am doing now, there will be moments when it gets annoyingly difficult, is a huge relief.
It doesn't necessarily mean it gets easier or my self-doubt disappears (not blooming likely), but at least I can recognize this part of the process, as being completely NORMAL.

And here's the real pot of gold:

Working through creative chaos, the self-doubt, comparing to others and wanting to give up, is where we come out the other end with more self-esteem, self-respect and clarity.

But back to the not failing at creativity:

Expressing something that comes from you, can never be something you can fail at.
At worst, you learn how you best like to express/create.

At best, it will change your life!