What to do if you don't feel creative

you don't feel creative

If you don't feel creative, you are like people are most.

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard someone say they’re not creative…..I’d at least have 10-er. ;-)

I have a friend who is very creative.

Pretty much everything about her is creative. The way she talks, how she addresses her work, and what she does in her spare time. She is multi-passonate, meaning she has many interests and passions. She dabbles in guitar and bas playing. She creates art and does other bits of creative work.

Thing is, she doesn't think she is creative.

Why is it we don't consider ourselves creative even though we create? How come we don't make that connection?

Let's reality check creativity

Brené Brown came out with a statistic which says that 80% of us have a shaming story from school and 50% of those stories are related to art.

My teacher's response to an essay I wrote when I was 15 was: "who do you think you are? A writer? You're not a writer."

This is a true story.

That is a terrible stat of course. What is also bad is, being creative is mostly connected to art.

So what we learn, is that you are creative only, if you are good at art.

This is not true.

Everybody is creative. It comes with being human due to our imagination. What you go through when writing an essay, as an example, is a mini version of a creative process. There's also a huge amount of creativity in science. Creativity is problem finding and problem solving. It's curiosity. It's so many things.

1 specific thing you can do if you don't feel creative (but you'd like to)

In my experience, not many people do this, but I highly recommend you have a good think about what "feeling creative" looks like to you.

If you're able to say "I'm not creative" or "I don't feel creative", you must have an idea about what it means to be and feel creative.

So what does that look like for you?

  • Would you feel creative if you write on that book everyday? The book that'll make you the next Liz Gilbert?

  • Does feeling creative mean being in flow, where time and space stop to exist?

  • Or does it mean wearing certain clothes and having a colorful home?

  • Or do you feel creative when other people tell you that you are?

Maybe feeling creative means something entirely different to you. And that's ok. Have a good think about it.

What would it take for you to "feel creative" ?

Once you have your answer, write it down. As in:

"I feel creative when I ...............

My opinion about whether we feel creative or not, is that it is not about feeling creative at all.

Is being creative a feeling or a decision?

For me, it's a decision first. It's a decision that I want to write, or paint, design or whatever. Then comes the feelings as I create. Usually it's difficult feelings I have while I create, and the good feelings come after I've finished.

The difficult feelings are usually in the lines of "this is rubbish" and the good feelings ones "I did it!".

When I sit down to work, it's far from always that I experience flow.

It's not so much that I feel like creating, it's more that I want to create.

This is why so many of brilliant, interesting women don't create.

They are waiting for a feeling and it has to be a good feeling.

Please, don't let that be you. Using your creativity, making something that you invent through your imagination is so good for you. It's the best form of self-development there is. You connect to the real soul part of you.

Don't wait for a feeling. Decide.

P.S I have got to leave for work in 15 minutes and I have yet to dry my hair, floss and brush my teeth. But I had decided to finish this post before I leave this morning, so I am leaving the dishes. Am I feeling creative? I don't know, but I feel great that I am finishing my post now. :-)