Why you need a vision for the future

You need a vision for your future

Sir Ken Robinson says "you need a vision for the future you are being asked to move toward".

I believe this quote is from his book "The Element". I have Sir Ken quotes all over the place. He's got a new book out, a third edition of "Out of our Minds" and I have just bought it. Christmas will come early for me :-) You may get the sense I'm a fan....you'd be right.

Anyhow... Sir Ken's words were these:

People need a vision for the future they are being asked to move toward. They need to feel that they are capable of change and have the skills that are needed for it.

They need to believe that there are good reasons for changing and that the place they aim to be, will be better than where they are now, and that it will be worth the effort of making the transition.

Also,They need to have the personal and material resources to make the transition. And they need a convincing plan of action to get them there, or at the very least, one that will get them on their way, even if it changes as they go.
— Sir Ken Robinson

I’ve just made a new vision board for myself. Some of the images from my old vision board had come true. So I thought it was time to do a new one. It's an update really, as some things from the old board are still there.

Do you do vision boards?

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What is a Vision Board?

A Vision board is a great way to visualize something you'd like to do. It's a way to manifest your dream life.

By doing the simple and fun act of cutting out images and text from magazines, you activate your thinking brain and connect with your emotions, with your creativity and your sense of vision.

You also activate your subconscious by digging into dreams and feelings you most likely have buried under the critical "that's out of my reach" = ego brain.

A vision board is a creative way for you to dig deep into what you are here for. What do you even like doing? Are you letting life decide for you, or do you actively go for what you want?

I'm not a fan of having to live extraordinary lives, having to save the world, be somebody special, making millions and millions. It’s too much pressure to put on yourself. Life happens in every ordinary moment and that’s when everything extraordinary happens. Joy is in small moments of everyday life. happiness comes in small moments. the ordinary life IS the hero life.

Life is a process and is very similar to a creative process.

But having a vision board doesn't have to have anything to do with wanting big cars and living in a mansion, or being world famous.

It simply means taking responsibility for how you'd like your future to be.

Why you need a vision for the future

You need a vision for your future because it puts you in control of your life. If you have dreams and goals, it makes a huge difference to know what that looks like.

Are your days blending into one another?

Do you work toward specific goals in your life?

Do you have a plan for how to achieve your goals?

And are you aware of why you want these things/goals?

I am multipassionate, a highly creative thinking person, with many ideas and a very busy brain. Doing a vision board is a genius way for someone like me to create a visual of all the many things in my head.

It helps cut through the clutter. Truly. And it helps me keep on track. I don't totally stay on track, but it helps :-)

I recommend making a vision board. It’s a fun and creative way to spend a few hours and you can't do it wrong. The process of making it, finding words and images that makes you feel good can surprise you.

What's your vision for your future?