Clarity Coaching For Multi-Passionates & Other Creatives


This coaching is for you, if you..

- Have many interests and passions

- Have many creative ideas and projects going.

- Don’t know what to focus on.

- Want to do work that uses your gifts.

- Are fed up stayng stuck because you don’t know how to mix your interests.

- Want to get clear on your path moving forward.

Clarity coaching involves:

  • 6 weeks of one-to-one coaching via Zoom.

  • 6 follow-ups with a recording of our session.

  • Using mind maps

  • Creating a vision board & a mission board

  • Different goal setting templates

  • Clarity of life goals, values and thought patterns.

  • Clarity coaching is $600


Do you have questions? Write to me with no strings attached.

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