Clarity and planning for overwhelmed creatives

Clarity & Simple Planning For Overwhelmed Creatives

This ecourse will dig deep into the core of you, so you will get clear about who you are, what your purpose or goals are and then you’ll create a simple, detailed plan of action to get you there.

You will be using KMC and Life coaching tools as well as creativity and self-compassion tools.

This ecourse will be for you if you are a creative with multi passions, and if you want a change but don’t know how to go about it.

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How to be more creative

Learn how to be more creative by learning how to work through your creative blocks.

In this 4 modul course you’ll define your creative project and your creative challenges. Then we’ll look at your strengths and give you creative fuel. With the right tools in your backback, you’ll be all set for your creative journey,