From overwhelm to clarity and a simple plan of action



Clarity begins by investigating who you are and want to be. You’ll use an art journal to identify your strengths, self-talk, values, beliefs, dreams, mindset and the fears that stand in your way of change.



Being a creative, curious soul often means having many ideas and projects going on. In this process you get specific and set 1 or 2 goals that exite you and that you will achieve.



Now, you’ll be ready to create a detailed plan of action that will move you forward on your path, your journey. We’ll identify bumps you can expect to meet, so you’ll be prepared and know how to move through them. Success!

My work with you allowed me to see myself more objectively and kindly as I saw myself through your eyes. That was super helpful.
You are sincere and had an authentic belief in me and the process.
I didn’t want the coaching to stop.
— Jennifer Varino, New York/Oslo
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Is this is you?

  • You know there is more to life than working a job that doesn’t fulfil you

  • You have tried different jobs and pursuits before.

  • You want a change but can’t quite imagine a different life.

  • You start projects but don’t often finish them.

  • You get overwhelmed and procrastinate

  • It feels like you try and try but you don’t seem to be getting where you want to be.

  • You wish you knew what you wanted, and exactly how to get it!

  • You long for more confidence and self-worth


What is Creative Life Coaching?

Creative life coaching is a unique mix of kaizen-muse creativity coaching and life coaching, with art therapy, and self-compassion exercises and tools added to the coaching.
Kaizen-muse creativity coaching focuses on the process. The process of creating and the process of change. Kaizen is Japanese and means "continuous improvement with small steps".
Muse is representative of 9 creative principles (9 muses)
Life coaching is about getting help to set goals and change behaviour. Life coaching is for you if you are motivated to create a better life. It is really a process of self-discovery.
As your creative life coach, I work with you to get clear on what goal or change you want, what roadblocks you could come across and then we create a detailed plan of small action steps to start your journey. I use self-compassion, creativity and other coaching tools to set you up for success.


Who is this coaching for?

This coaching is for ordinary mortals who wish to make some changes to your life.

You are more than likely overwhelmed, stuck, and a little disatisfied with how your life is now. You have tried changing on your own, you have bought courses, downloaded free promises and done what experts say you should do, but all these well-meaning advice hasn’t really helped you.
You’re still stuck!

It’s for you if you are ready to commit to changing from the inside out and you are ready to do heart-work.

You don’t have to be an artist, or even consider yourself particularly creative, but you do have to be willing to put in some work. You have to be open and curious.

Whether you are looking to change job, simplify your life, start a creative project or some other life change, we’ll work together to get clear on your intention, set 1 goal and create a detailed and enjoyable plan for how you can achieve it.

You’ll get a step-by-step system you can apply to any future goals you’ll have.


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The Cost Of This Creative Life Coaching


One-to-One 7 weeks

  • 5 Skype coaching sessions of 60 minutes

  • 2 Email coaching sessions

  • 2 Skype + 1 email + 2 Skype + 1 email + 1 Skype = 7 weeks

  • You receive 7 follow-ups (gentle reminders of your progress, including a recording of our session)

Katja is an imaginative, intuitive and caring coach whose enthusiasm and kindness is contagious. I highly recommend her groups and creativity coaching
— Jill Badonsky, author/illustrator and founder of KMCC training
Working with Katja was such a treat!  She is brilliant and creative and so supportive.  I felt truly “seen” and “gotten” which gave me the courage to be myself.  Katja and I worked on my lifelong desire to journal (which I had never been able to get off the ground) and here I am now, at 48, with inked pages filling up in my journal!  Working with Katja will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your creative practice!  I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to express more creativity in their lives and enjoy the process!”
— Samantha Sinclair, San Francisco