What is Creativity Coaching?

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching is about honoring the non-linear process of creating. We use gentle methods like small steps, playfulness, and self-kindness to work through creative blocks and fears.

Creativity coaching is focused on the creating process.


What is Life Coaching?

Personal life coaching helps you design your future by setting goals, create new habits and develop a growth mindset.

I help you stay motivated and focused so you move forward towards the life you want for yourself. Life coaching helps you grow and learn by looking to the future.

A clear vision, backed by definte plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power
— Brian Tracy, The Gift of self-confidence

A 3 Part Coaching System



Get clear on what you really want in all areas of your life. Know your strengths, beliefs and your values, Create your vision on a board and in writing.


Goal Setting

Knowing what you want is the only way to get it. You’ll set life goals and/or creative goals so you know the direction you’re going in. Everything gets easier then.



You know what you want but how do you get it? I’ll help you break down your goals and create a structure so you no longer let creative blocks stop you.

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Coaching can help you..

- Turn your ideas into something.

- Overcome your fear of creating.

- Create the change you want.

- Finish your (many) projects.

- Find out what you really want.

- Get more confident while gaining momentum.

My work with you allowed me to see myself more objectively and kindly as I saw myself through your eyes. That was super helpful.
You are sincere and had an authentic belief in me and the process.
I didn’t want the coaching to stop.
— Jennifer Varino, New York/Oslo
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Your investment

10 weeks coaching.

9 one-to-one coaching sessions over Skype/Zoom

1 implementation week.

9 follow-ups including a recording of our sessions.

3 clarity sessions, 2 goal sessions, 4 plan sessions, 1 implementation week. (This may vary)

10 weeks of coaching is $497


Let me know what you’re looking for
(with absolutely no strings attached)…

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Katja is an imaginative, intuitive and caring coach whose enthusiasm and kindness is contagious. I highly recommend her groups and creativity coaching
— Jill Badonsky, author/illustrator and founder of KMCC training
Working with Katja was such a treat!  She is brilliant and creative and so supportive.  I felt truly “seen” and “gotten” which gave me the courage to be myself.  Katja and I worked on my lifelong desire to journal (which I had never been able to get off the ground) and here I am now, at 48, with inked pages filling up in my journal!  Working with Katja will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your creative practice!  I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to express more creativity in their lives and enjoy the process!”
— Samantha Sinclair, San Francisco