Being Multi-Passionate

Through my research and experience I have found that being multi-passionate is being a special kind of creative thinker.

We are all creative because you have an imagination. You are creative whether you think you are or not. That’s a fact.

However, just like some people are very linear and analytical thinking, and some are kinesthetic intelligent, so are some of us more creatively thinking and curious than others.

This type of intelligence is often called "highly creative" or "multipassionate".

But we also go by:

Marci Alboher calls it "The Slash Effect"

Barbara Sher calls it being a "Scanner",

Margaret Lobenstine has written a book about "The Renaissance Soul".

Daniel H. Pink calls it being a "boundary crosser."

Emily Wapnick call us "multipotentialites."

Marie Forleo coined the phrase "multi-passionate." Which is the term I mainly use.

Elizabeth Gilbert refers to us as "Hummingbirds."

Blog Posts

First I want to share some of the many blog posts I have written about being multi-passionate.

Here are some I think you might enjoy:

Here's one about why having multi passions leads to having multi skills (and that's a bonus in todays economy)

Here's one about how to plan and get organized (when your head is full of stuff and ideas)

Here's one about how you can find a link between your passions 

Here's one about why it's a good idea to jump on the multi-passionate merry-go-round

And here's a link to a whole lot more posts on being multi-passionate

Next up are fantastic books, video's and websites you can check out.

Not all the books are specifically about being multipassionate, but I have found them all to be super helpful, and even life changing in some cases.


Daniel H. Pink: "A Whole New Mind"

Ken Robinson: "The Element"

Jill Badonsky: "Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)"

Mary-Elaine Jacobsen: "The Gifted Adult"

Margeret Lobenstine: "The Renaissance Soul"

Robert Maurer: "One Small Step can Change Your Life - The Kaizen Way"

Barbara Sher: "Refuse to Choose"

Simon Sinek: Start With Why"


Emilie Wapnick: "Why some of us don't have one true calling"

Nancy Andreasen: "Secrets of the creative brain"

(about half way in she addresses polymaths, but the whole hour is super interesting)

Watch the whole of that talk here

Websites: This is a big community of multipotentialites.  Marie has a ton of episodes on MarieTV that answers questions from viewers about different multi-passionate challenges.

That's a lot of information.

I hope some of it will resonate with you, and make you feel less alone.

What you do next!