Self-study E-course

How to be more creative - a self-study e-course

How to be more creative

Find your own creative voice and decide on the goal you want to create.

You’ll learn how to get through all the different creative blocks with coaching tools you can transfer to all areas of your life.

Through self-kindness and the neuroscience of using small steps you’ll be set to create consistently.

This e-course is $247

Clarity coaching for multi-passionate women and other creatives

Clarity for creatives

You’re multi-passionate or a creative with lots going on and you want clarity of goals, interests and find a way to bring all of you in the direction forward.

Creativity coaching for you who is stuck in the creative process

Creative process coaching

You’re stuck in the process of the work you’re doing or the change you’re trying to create and you need help to get unblocked so you can move forward.

Clarity and structure coaching all-in-one coaching package

Clarity & Structure-

This coaching package is the combination of Clarity for Creatives & Creative Process with added structure.

Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching is about addressing human nature in the face of change


Kaizen small steps workbook

Learn how to use Kaizen philosophy of small steps to reach your goal

Learn the kaizen way of using small, tíny steps to reach your goal and why this philosophy works.

You’ll get 3 examples of first small steps for:

  • Building a creating habit.

  • Start blogging.

  • Change your self-image

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