Hi, I’m Katja

Coach, writer, mother, teaching assistant, entrepreneur, introvert, empath, creativity nerd, and so many other things.

I help women with multiple interests and passions + work places focus on the process and move forward with clarity, self-kindness, small steps and flexible structure - because nothing in life or creativity is linear.

Katja Hunter, creative life coach

Katja Hunter, creativity coach

Everything I do here is because…

  • I wish I had someone who understood me when I was younger, and who could help me figure out how to build a life and career with all my different interests. And now I want to be that someone for you.

  • I believe creativity is the key to meaning and fulfillment in life and that multi passions leads to multi skills.

  • having goals and some kind of a plan, is essential to achieve whatever it is you want.


My name is pronounced “catch ya”. It still cracks up my father-in-law to say “Catch ya later, Katja” !! Bless him! I am Danish and I am here after 14 years in London and Dublin. I brought home Hubby from London and we have 3 amazing kids.

I am one of those sensitive, creative independent types, that has always insisted on living my life my way.

My mother’s belief was, that education was the only way out of a life as a housewife. That my sister and I should never depend (financially) on a man, and that creative work was a fine hobby, but not a realistic way to make a living.

I’m super proud of a my mum, and grateful for her lessons.

But here’s the flip side to that message:

It’s from a time when education secured you a job, and you would have the same job until you reached your pension. Success was measured by how things looked on the outside. Feelings wasn’t on the agenda.

So how difficult it must have been to deal with me, an insisting, sensitive, persistent and fiercely independent child, who did not want to do something just because everyone else did it.

What I did instead:

I left school at 16 with really good grades, worked a year to save up money and then went to England on my own. My life took many turns, all of them initiated by me.

I got a life education. It’s an education in social skills, emotional skills, communication skills, plus I learned English to the point where I am now bi-lingual.

I have worked with many different kinds of people from all over the world, from celebrity chef’s and newspaper editors to warehouse workers, and I’ve shown creativity and leadership in everything I’ve done.

I’ve almost always been promoted in every job I’ve had, and at one stage I had 35 staff. A job I chose to leave after a year.

The list could go on, but it won’t.

I believe your creativity, your energy, and your willingness to learn is what you need to create the life you want. A job title has nothing to do with it.


Random facts..

I LOVE English crime tv - from Endeavour to Midsummer Murders.

Crazy family - silly song singing, pestiness and smelliness.

Big fan of Sir Ken Robinson, Brené Brown and cake.

I love a nap in the afternoon and a glass of vino!

And I study every day.


My Core Values



Creativity is the essence of who we are. We are creative beings. Creativity is how you create the person you want to be and how you create your life with purpose and meaning.



Life is a process of continuous learning, Creating is a process. Enjoying my life’s process is a goal I’ve always had. No waiting for some day, today has to be good.



I believe in personal growth and personal development. I believe in self-compassion, gratitude, positivity and that you can change your life.


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