3 Successful Creative Businesses owned by Women with Kids


You know, I have had this blog for a few years now (I also have a Danish blog ), and I have not come across many blogs that are run by a woman, who has kids living at home, who is also using her blog to run a successful online creative business, that is not about marketing.

Actually, pretty much only a few.

Ok, so I have only looked for these women for about a year, and maybe it's because I'm in Denmark and my IP address is Danish, and Google/Pinterest/Twitter somehow creates an algorithm for me that means I don't come across them.

But maybe it's because there aren't many such women out there on the net?

The big online business people I know and have bought programmes from, are either men or women with no kids, or kids that are older, or live with the biz owner week on/week off.

I want to make clear, these people I refer to are amazing. They have tought me so much and they seem lovely, genuine and really smart people.

It's just nice to be inspired by other women who are doing what you aspire to do.

Then you know it can be done.

Here are 3 successful creative businesses owned by women with kids.

Creative business 1.

Whileshenaps.com is a blog and business run by Abby Glassenberg.

Abby is a pattern maker, sewer, author, and creative business owner. And she's a mom of 3 kids.
She makes sewing patterns for stuffed animals which she sells on her website.

She makes cute stuffed animals.

Abby has written a couple of books about how to make stuffed animals.

But how I found Abby, was through Creativelive.com.
Abby teaches a course on Email Marketing for Crafters

I have done a thousand online courses (near enough!) but the way Abby teaches is so down to earth. She speaks my language and says things like "I know I should be checking my analytics, but I just don't". And yet, she has a huge email list and is making a living from her business.

I got so much out of her course.
You can check out my new cool newsletter here to see Abby's influence.

Abby is a mom of 3 kids, she is a successful creative business owner and she's really lovely too :-)

Creative Business 2

Magicinthemess.com is run by Amanda Sue Howell. Amanda has 6 kids (yes, really! AND she runs an online biz)

She has different offers but her big offering is Creative Biz Strategy.

Amanda is self-proclaimed multi-passionate and a busy mom, and that just makes her a stand-up-gal in my world.

That Amanda is multi-passionate is important, because this means Amanda knows what it's like to be told you have to pick a niche, or settle into a job.

And she won't tell you to get up at 5 am. Ever! You gotta love that :-)

I don't know Amanda personally, but I'm sure our paths will cross one day and when that happens, I'll like her a lot.

Creative business 3


Mayi Carles runs a hugely successful and hugely creative blog and she's a mom of 1 child. She is from Panama and that is where she lives. (I love that)

Mayi does illustrations and has made a really cute recipe book with some other people called Life is messy kitchen. See it here

Over 7000 creatives have gone through her "Life Is Messy Bootcamp" and I'm totally in love her whole brand. I haven't done her bootcamp as I write this, as I have 5 courses I have to finish first, but I will definitely check her offers out.

Check out this sales page and the raving reviews from online heavy duties like Marie Foleo, Natalie Lussier, and Amanda from magicinthemess.com

She's an inspiration to me because her brand is creative, colorful, happy, messy, simple and it seems authentic.

There you have it, dear fellow creative lady. 3 women with kids who run creative online businesses that makes money.

They can do it.

You can do it.

We can do it.