4 things Multi-passionates say about themselves

4 things multi-passionates say about themselves

I'm so psyched about the amount of talk about creativity in, and off the internet. People are really feeling how important it is to pay attention to what it is, that makes us unique: our creativity.

People seem to be interested in digging into creativity, as a way to find a deeper purpose with their lives.

One of the many added bonuses of this change in society is, that more and more multi-passionate women are coming out of the woodwork. So to speak.

I'm a member of different Facebook groups, as you probably are too, and I am also forever taking online courses, to feed my curious mind.

In these communities, I hear women say the same things about themselves. Often, these women don't know they are multi-passionates/scanners/hummingbirds/polymaths.

It is as if, it's becoming legit to say "hey, I want to use all this creative energy I have. I don't know how, but there is something more I want to do with my life".

It's wonderful.

Today, I want to address 4 things I have heard many times. And some ideas of how you can flip them to your advantage.

4 things multi-passionates say about themselves.

  • I have many creative ideas, but I struggle to follow through.

  • My life feels like it's in constant transition.

  • I have a scatter brain

  • I'm all over the place

Maybe you recognize these feelings and thoughts about yourself? I have certainly had them from time to time.

They are usually said in a negative way. I'd like to try to create a positive spin on these 4 statements.

1. I have many creative ideas, but I struggle to follow through

Oh, the many ideas....a multi-passionate's friend.

My positive spin is, thank your brain for being so brilliant, that it's coming up with another idea.

Try and decorate a special notebook for all your ideas. You can write the date, and what the idea is. Imagine having a beautiful book, full of ideas that you have come up with. It could almost turn into a diary, you can save and give to your kids one day.

And you know what's great?

You don't have to follow anything through. Truly. You don't need permission, but if you want it, you have permission to not follow anything through.

You can ask yourself, do you really need to follow through?

I know the all consuming feeling, when a new idea springs to light. It almost seems impossible not to act on it.

But what if only a few of your ideas are meant to be followed through?

What if the ideas you get, only are meant to be part of a learning process?

Instead of stressing over not following through on all, or most of your ideas, I invite you to just see them as part of a learning process, that adds richness to your life.

2. I feel like I'm in constant transition

My husband once said to me, that being married to me, is like being on a constant roller coaster, and he's waiting for the ride to stop. So funny!

And I will say, there are times, when I need things to be still for a while. So, I understand the feeling of being in constant transition.

The positive spin is, we, as people, society, the world, is in constant growth and change. It's the only thing we can say for certain. We don't know what the future will look like, but we know it won't look like it does today.

So being able to change, and learn, and grow, is a massive advantage. Personally and professionally.

Being good to yourself is always good, so if you feel you could do with a break in you life, a time out for a while, give yourself one!

3. I have a scatterbrain.

In my experience, when people say they have a scatterbrain, they refer to having many thoughts constantly, so it can be a challenge to keep track of thoughts and actions.

It's a picture of someone who is slightly confused, someone who is forever misplacing things and forgetting things, and who has trouble concentrating. It's an expression, that's not meant as a particular positive personality trait.

I don't see why.

In reality, a scatterbrain is a very creative brain.

If there are areas in your life, where less skipping and jumping, and more concentration could be good, then that can be learned.

Having a highly creative and active brain, is such a gift, that any side effects that could come with that, are welcome.

A great way to calm a scatterbrain, is mindfulness. Learning how to be present in the moment, and noticing how you feel. Having moments of pause, and stillness.

4. I'm all over the place.

This statement is closely related to that of being a scatterbrain. I don't call myself a scatterbrain, but I'm often all over the place. Especially at work. I work part-time with children from 6 months to 3 years old. Kids live in the now, and when I'm with them, so do I. They are the funniest, and most amazing people to be around. But there are also many practical things to do in this job, and that's when I can be "all over the place".

What works for me, is to write everything down I have to do. Notes, keywords, messages. Everything. And then share it.

The good thing about being all over the place, is that at least you have knowledge of things that needs to be done.

I have never met an inactive person, claiming to be all over the place. Have you?

There it is.

That's the 4 things multi-passionates say about themselves. In my experience.

Bottom line is, that multi-passionates/polymaths/multipotentialites/scanners have busy brains.

What I hope you take away from this post:

I hope you will think, that being kind to yourself is important. Not to talk to yourself in a negative way.

You can literally thank your busy, highly active and creative brain. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about, how she thanks her fear for wanting to protect her, instead of trying to attack it.

I think it's equally in its place to thank my busy brain. I freekin' love how my brain works. Truly. It's a fun and weird place to be.

There is no perfect way of being, so being grateful, and thankful for what you have, is more helpful than beating yourself up.

I apologize if I sound preachy, I don't meant to, I just think it's better to live life with a glass half full, rather than half empty :-)

Do you hear other things multi-passionates say about themselves, maybe something you repeatedly say, I'd love to hear it in the comments.