How to find the link between your passions

find the link between your passions.

To find the link between your passions as a mutli-passionate creative or entrepreneur is important, confusing and super important. Last week, I wrote a post about how you can embrace your passions without going crazy.

In that post, there are 4 really good exercises that, if you do them, will help you articulate what you're good at, what annoys you, and what your core values are.

I highly recommend you check the post out AND do the exercises.

This week, it's about getting your Sherlock Holmes on. It's time to play a clever detective.

You are on the case to find the link between your passions/interests. :-)

Life is your talent discovered
— Sir Ken Robinson

Many of us spend our whole lives trying to find that 1 thing we're good at, and in that search, we miss out on a whole bunch of things we do good.

We need to stop it. STOP IT! STOP IT!

Honestly, with everything available to us today, and the declining importance of a degree, it makes sense to learn multiple skills.

There are two really important skills to have today and in the future, and they are:

  1. Being able to sort useful information from useless information.

  2. Transfer knowledge from one field to another field. From 1 subject to another subject.

An awesome example of number 2 from the other day.

On Monday, we had a substitute teacher in Danish the whole day. We have had this teacher once before and we all loved her teaching.

What made her teaching so interesting, was how she brought her experience as a coach into the way she was talking to us and how she presented the text we had to analyze.

She also told us how she used the method used to analyze a novel, to reality check her coaching clients struggles. She used the same method.

I had a feeling she was multi-passionate as she also does mindfulness, yoga, and flow practice through creativity.

She was telling me how she is not an expert in anything but does several things well enough, and it wasn't until about a year ago she figured out a way to combine her passions.

She now travels around the world, where she teaches Danes who abroad, in communication, psychology, mindfulness and coaching 3 weeks at a times. Back here in Denmark, she substitutes at my school when needed, and coaches clients.

She's hugely popular because she has such a variety of skills and experience she draws from in everything she does.

How I belnd my multi passions:

I work as a Teaching Assistant for kids of 6 months to 3 years old.

I am a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

My travels have made me bi-lingual, so I now communicate in English and Danish every day.

I have worked in leadership for 8 years.

Being a creative thinking person with many changing passions has given me an interest and understanding of the topic of the alleged neuropsychiatric decease ADHD/ADD.

Being an introvert, sensitive creative multi-passionate mom of 3 kids gives me a unique understanding of the diversity of humans.

Here's a mind map of my passions, hobbies and interests.


So, I work part-time as a Teaching Assistant where I use my Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching training.

Kaizen is synonymous with everything small and just think how a 9-month-old learn to roll over from belly to back? By a 1000 small steps. Kaizen coaching fits perfectly with working with children.

I also use my knowledge of creativity, different personality types, and emotional learning with the kids.

When we get parents that don't speak Danish, I'm called upon to speak English with them, and translate documents.

I use pretty much every skill and knowledge I have in my work with the kids. And I really enjoy it.

Then there's this blog and the online course I'm creating. My HUGE passion.

My blog's in English, I write about being a creative multi-passionate mom, I write about self-compassion and personal growth, creativity, and living a creative life, life as a creative process, I get to connect with amazing creative women from around the world. I am exploring creative businesses, and the graphics I use for my posts are artwork done by me.

It's all intertwined and all my passions complement each other beautifully.

How to find the link between your passions

The link between your passions is YOU!

Maybe your passions, hobbies, jobs, and interests don't fit like mine does. That's ok. They don't have to. Mine didn't use to either. But you are still the link.

Maybe you can't see a connection between the different things you do, but there is one: you!

I have found doing a mind map has helped me see my connections visually.

Give that a try.

Writing everything down and draw lines between the connections you see is a great way to see connections too.

It is a bit of detective work. So, get your Sherlock on and get to work.

The most important thing is you don't rush and stress about it.

Take on a playful attitude.

Perhaps ask the question: "what fun ways can I connect my interests with colorful lines? 

There you are.

If you have followed me a little, you'll know that I don't give you cookie cut solutions, but instead give you tools for you to do the work yourself.

That's the way you get the real results.

So my friend, get your detective skills on and do a little diggin' :-)