How I Blend My Multi Passions

how I blend my multi passions

The main contributor to how I blend my multi passions is this blog.

I have allowed this blog to be my melting pot of experiments. Of many ideas for businesses, topics that I've been interested in.

With all my different ideas, I have not really tied to monetize this blog seriously yet. Until now.

If you are multi-passionate like me, you know that you must try different interests and passions. That there is no way in bats hell you will be able to stick to a job forever.

How you do this is, of course, the million dollar question.

As I don't pretend to know what is right for you, I can share with you how I blend several of my interests.

How I blend my multi passions

  • I have to enjoy what I do most days. This has always been a North Star for me. I cannot do a job that I don't like for a long period of time. Never have. I am heart ruled, not head ruled. It's not even a choice I have, it's physically impossible for me to work at something I dislike.

  • I have discovered a love of the process of painting abstract paintings intuitively. I call it playing with colors. It's a process I really enjoy. It sort of feels like a naughty procrastination for me. I don't want to learn how to paint "properly" and become good at painting abstract. It's purely for joy.

  • This blog.
    Here I get to write. Transforming my busy thoughts through the keyboard and seeing sentences on the screen or on paper, is like magic to me. I love writing. And because I own this blog, I can write as much or as little I want. I can write what I want to write about. This evolves, of course. But the right to be oneself, warts an' all, and creativity are both topics I have never lost interest in. Also, I get to meet some great and interesting people through this blog. I have made real-life friendships.

  • My work at the nursery.
    I am in the company of "little people" during the week. Kids from 10 months to 3 years old, and they are great company. I get to use the philosophy of kaizen (continuous improvement in small steps), and creativity in my daily work. And a lot more. Going to work gives structure to my life, a steady income, paid holidays, union rights and colleagues (with all the challenges they bring).

There you have it.

A detailed look at how I blend my multi passions at the moment.

I'm optimistic by nature, and so when I get a new idea, I look into it and do some research and then I might give it a go. Most of the time nothing comes of it. Never mind. On to the next thing.

Because I know there will be the next thing. I want to write more, I am creating my first online course called "How to be more creative", I want to speak publicly about creativity, and what it would actually take to get more creativity into workplaces and education. (I do a lot of talking in private, so imagine getting paid for it  -woot! :-))